About us

There is a huge opportunity to embed a stronger culture of integrity across organisations.

INTEGRITY MATTERS is an innovative business ethics solutions provider set up by Anny Tubbs and Paula Davis in 2022. Their insights allow them to address ‘the elephants in the room’.

In particular, they understand the unique needs of professionals tasked with overseeing ethics and compliance programmes in organisations. They help them develop the competencies displayed by individuals who are highly effective in such roles.

Their independent capacity-building and in-person training services allow participants to take stock and chart their ongoing learning path and career development. To facilitate a more people-centred approach within organisations, their collaboration also involves experts whose research and work is complementary.

Anny and Paula draw on decades of experience across multiple sectors and organisational cultures:

Portrait of Anny Tubbs

Anny Tubbs

Anny worked as a lawyer and group-level executive in FTSE100 advisory and leadership roles for over 25 years. Much of her work, including as Chief Business Integrity Officer at Unilever, focused on embedding responsible business practices.

Anny co-founded and Chaired the European Chief Compliance and Integrity Officers’ Forum (ECCIOF), working with peers from European multinationals to set a strong thought leadership agenda.

She recently retrained in documentary filmmaking, journalism and multimedia production to focus on constructive storytelling and developing the insights and skills needed to foster positive change.

Paula Davis

Paula is an experienced compliance practitioner who has led award-winning teams that developed and managed effective compliance and ethics programmes across complex and geographically diverse organisations. She is highly skilled at planning, implementing and evaluating multifaceted programmes.

Paula strongly believes that the ethical culture of an organisation is the key determinant of the behaviour, compliant or otherwise, of its staff and business partners. Much of her work therefore focuses on understanding the drivers of ethical organisational cultures and their interplay with individual ethical decision-making.

Portrait of Paula Davis